Dick Gregory's Caribbean®
Shake For Optimal Health

Dick Gregory’s Caribbean® Shake for Optimal Health is a whole food based dietary supplement that is 100% vegan. It contains plant-based protein and is highly digestible.

$ 57.97

Created by Wellness in Nature (WIN) the Caribbean® Shake for Optimal Health revolutionizes health maintenance with clinically tested ingredients that cause the Caribbean® Shake for Optimal Health to be far superior to other health maintenance products.

Benefits/Points of Superiority

  • Provides a mechanism to maintain healthy weight / Promotes normal fat metabolism
  • Promotes healthy blood pressure that is already within normal range.
  • Supports health blood glucose levels that are already within normal range.
  • Promotes healthy lipid metabolism with normal cholesterol levels
  • Promotes a normal immune system function
  • Promotes the body's normal cellular health
  • Combines more than 10 ingredients that support healthy brain activity and promote optimal cognitive function
  • Promotes healthy mood/Normal memory in aging/Promotes concentration/ Enhances mental alertness
  • Promotes the increase of lean body mass/ Maintains lean muscle mass
  • Energizes the enzymatic activity of metabolic pathways and energy metabolism
  • Supports healthy digestion / Includes “Prebiotics”
  • Supports health by supporting healthy intestinal micro flora that are friendly to the body
  • An effective total prebiotic combined with a probiotic augmented by an enzyme complex
  • Health promoting botanicals
  • May reduce fatigue and increase vigor during strenuous exercise / Maintains physical energy