Dick Gregory's Caribbean Shake for Optimal Health




  • A UNIQUE WHOLE FOOD BASED DIETARY SUPPLEMENT formulated to promote a normal immune system with 59 highly digestible ingredients chosen to support optimal health, nourish your body, support healthy brain activity and cognitive function to enhance overall health.
  • DICK GREGORY'S 4X BASED, 100% VEGAN, GLUTEN FREE, PLANT BASED PROTEIN POWDER will help satisfy your appetite and support healthy intestinal micro flora.
  • SUPPORTS INSULIN LEVELS already in normal range. Designed to help satisfy cravings and increase energy to help you regain and maintain control of your health and support immunity.
  • WORKOUT RECOVERY: May reduce fatigue and increase vigor during strenuous exercise. Promotes the increase of lean body mass. Helps maintain a healthy weight by promoting normal fat metabolism.
  • Dick Gregory’s Caribbean Shake is Non-GMO, Allergen friendly and Cholesterol Free. Does not contain Artificial Flavors, Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Colors, Dairy products, MSG or Soy.

Details: A unique 100% vegan formulation designed to help satisfy your appetite and increase your energy so you can regain and maintain control of your health. It provides essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids, enzymes, prebiotics, fiber, nutrient enhancing botanicals, naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and Dick Gregory’s famous 4X Formula. The 59 ingredients used in the formulation of Dick Gregory's Caribbean Shake for Optimal Health are the highest quality. Dick Gregory’s Caribbean Shake for Optimal Health is different from other protein and nutrition drinks because the ingredients were selected by Mr. Gregory and his scientific team specifically to enhance the users overall health. The Dick Gregory Caribbean Shake for Optimal health is sold by weight, not by volume. When you receive your new container it will not be filled to the top. The enclosed scoop is one serving of 35 grams. Each container has 15 servings when used according to the instructions for a total of 525 grams as indicated on the label.