Dr. George Washington Carver’s Peanut Rubbing Oil 4 oz



Dr. George Washington Carver’s Peanut Rubbing Oil.

Carver’s Original Formula.

Fast Relief From Minor Aches & Pains including Arthritis and Rheumatism. The George Washington Carver (GWC) Rubbing Oil was created between the years of 1900 and 1910 by Dr. George Washington Carver, the famous agricultural scientist who invented over 300 products from peanuts. GWC Peanut Rubbing Oil was created for people who prefer an alternative to medication, as a specialty-premium rub that provides deep penetration for minor aches and pains.

GWC Peanut Rubbing Oil is known for maximum penetration to relieve stiffness in joints, joint-friction from bones rubbing together, tight and sore muscles, and restricted range of movement. These problems require a lubricating rub that penetrates and lubricates without side effects sometimes caused by non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs often prescribed for arthritic conditions.