Regain Control Of
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The no-gimmick, no-fad way to health maintenance

Dick Gregory’s Caribbean® Shake for Optimal Health is a unique Whole Food Based Dietary Supplement. The formulation is designed to help boost your immune system and increase your energy so you can regain and maintain control of your health without compromising it.

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About Dick Gregory

At the peak of his comedic career, Dick Gregory’s lifestyle of smoking, drinking, and eating the wrong foods resulted in ulcers and headaches and at 288 pounds he was grossly overweight. Determined to achieve optimal health, Dick Gregory devised a nutritional plan for himself that included a supplement he created called the 4X Formula.

After following the plan and taking the supplement for a few weeks, he was amazed to see the dramatic improvements in his health. No more headaches! No more ulcers! He even lost a great deal of weight and was able to run 50 miles a day for 71 days from Los Angeles to New York, sustained only by the 4X Formula and juice.



Maintain Healthy Weight

Provides a mechanism to maintain healthy weight

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Maintain BP Level

Assists in maintaining a healthy blood pressure level

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Healthy Lifestyle

Supports healthy lifestyle with normal blood glucose

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Normal Immune System

Promotes a normal immune system function

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