3E® Energy Elixir
4 Flavor Variety 12 Pack


3E ENERGY Elixir – The “Better for You Energy Elixir” transcends the less-than healthy reputation of mainstream energy drinks because it is:

  • Consciously caffeinated™ (96 mg natural caffeine – same as a cup of coffee)
  • Nutrient-dense with 8 essential vitamins & minerals
  • Delicious, refreshing and offers unique natural flavors
  • Perfectly balanced with plant-based sweeteners 
  • Made with NO Sucralose or artificial sweeteners 
  • Low in calories

 3E Energy Elixir offers a delicious way to get a burst of healthy energy with three (3) natural sources of caffeine (green coffee bean extract, yerba maté extract and guarana extract) that:

  • Help stimulate mental focus and acuity
  • Help cope with the stress of everyday life that can prompt overeating
  • Promote cardiovascular system health
  • Support immune system health

All 3E® Energy Elixir claims are supported by clinical trials that were published or referenced in peer reviewed journals and made available by Pub Med or a similarly legitimate scientific repository. 

DELICIOUS & REFRESHING FLAVORS, – 3E ENERGY ELIXIR variety pack offers 4 flavors including Spicy Lemon Lime, Grape Cherry, Pomegranate Blueberry and Strawberry Grapefruit.

Contains 96 mg of caffeine (from Green Coffee Bean Extract, Guarana Seed Extract, Yerba Mate) Per Serving.