3E® Energy Elixir
Strawberry Grapefruit (12pk)


Refreshing, light and bubbly subtle flavors of juicy sweet, slightly sour strawberries and zingy, zesty, tongue-tingling grapefruit meet up for a rich, bubbly, all-natural, invigorating, clean-tasting 3E Essential Energy Elixir beverage for that spurt of energy that keeps you active and alert.

Delicious and refreshing natural flavors with NO crash or jitters!

  • Naturally flavored

  • Gives you a boost of clean, sustained natural  energy

  • Consciously caffeinated with 96 mg natural caffeine - NOT "over the top"  levels (200 - 300 mg) of synthetic caffeine

  • Sweetened with plant-based sweeteners - NOT Sucralose or other synthetic sweeteners with aftertaste

  • Stimulates mental function & acuity

  • Promotes cardiovascular system health

  • Stimulates a healthy immune system

 3E Energy: The Better for You Energy Elixir

Contains 96 mg of caffeine (from Green Coffee Bean Extract, Guarana Seed Extract, Yerba Mate) Per Serving.